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Noura's Crescent Moon

Noura's Crescent Moon

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Publication Date: April 16th, 2024
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Venturing out after dusk with her family, a child is eager to watch for the new moon that signals the start of Eid ul-Fitr celebrations in this charming picture-book debut.

Noura can’t wait for the sun to go down! With Ramadan and her first month of fasting almost over, she and Mama and Papa are headed to the hills for a moonsighting picnic. It would be truly special if Noura could catch a glimpse of the faint silvery crescent, something even her mother has never managed to do. If the moon stays hidden, that means one more long day before Noura can wear her sparkly new dress and the joyful Eid celebrations begin—bringing with them visits with friends, eating sweets, and painting henna on her hands. In a lighthearted introduction to Ramadan and Eid, this family-centered tale of anticipation under the stars pairs an inviting text from Zainab Khan with Nabila Adani’s vibrant illustrations, capturing everything from the bustle of a shared meal to the swirling magic of the night sky. Relevant terms, from food items to the Islamic lunar calendar, are explained in a glossary at the end.

About the Author

Zainab Khan received her BA from Boston University and taught elementary school for several years before starting her own preschool program. Noura’s Crescent Moon is her first picture book. Through it she hopes that children will learn a little something about the Islamic lunar month Eid ul-Fitr and Ramadan and recognize that “regardless of their faith, people celebrate in similar ways: with family, food, and gifts, and with prayers for those who are religious.” Of Pakistani heritage, Zainab Khan lives on Long Island with her husband, two children, and a cat.

Nabila Adani worked briefly as a product designer in Japan and Indonesia before moving to the United States to study children’s book illustration. Among the children’s books she has illustrated are Be a Bridge by Irene Latham and Charles Waters and Sunny and the Birds by Wendy Meddour. Nabila Adani lives in Jakarta, Indonesia, where she enjoys illustrating and telling stories for children around the world.

Praise for Noura's Crescent Moon

Khan’s lyrical writing and Adani’s soft, smudged illustrations delineate Ramadan practices while building one child’s suspense around waiting for the new moon. Back matter includes more about Ramadan.
—Publishers Weekly

A young girl fasting for the first time during Ramadan anxiously awaits the new moon, which heralds Eid ul-Fitr, or the Festival of Breaking the Fast. . . . Khan presents a refreshing take on Ramadan stories by spotlighting the holiday that succeeds it and highlighting customs such as wearing new clothes, visiting friends, painting one’s hands with henna, and eating Eid treats. Adani captures the anticipation of Eid with warm and richly detailed illustrations. . . . Sweet, heartwarming, and family centered.
—Kirkus Reviews